Our story...

In 2014, three brothers (Angelo, Valentino and Lucio) created Mrs. Perrina Brands.

Growing up in a restaurant and being first generation Italian, I guess you could say we were spoiled with food. Almost every night, our mother would lay out enough food for an army! No matter the spread, pasta was ALWAYS on the table.. 

One weekend a year, our father (Lucio Sr.) and Uncles would drive to the farm and unload pick-up trucks FULL of fresh tomatoes into our garage. Mom took it from there... She would cook and jar tomato sauce for each family that would last THE ENTIRE YEAR! 

As we got older and had families of our own, we all got busier and busier. Quality time around the dinner table was not easy to come by. So we set out to change that! 

Instead of jarring sauce from the restaurant or filling a garage with tomatoes!, we tried something different... A new way to make sauce, Mrs. Perrina Marinara Sauce.

We created this product simply to speed up the process, so we could bring that same family dinner atmosphere to our homes that we lost sight of along the way.

In just 10 minutes, you can bring to your table what Mrs. Perrina brought to ours, only more convenient!

The Perrina Brothers